Sure, there are other vehicle removal services in southern Alberta. But there’s something that sets “Cash 4 Cars Calgary” apart – our crew. Our congenial, friendly, and professional staff is proud to deliver the best service possible.


You don’t want just anyone showing up at your home or warehouse lot, so we don’t hire just anyone. Collectively, our staff is backed by years of experience in customer service, scrap removal, and automobile maintenance so that there are no surprises when they arrive at your destination. 

We’re not just junk vehicle removal experts, we’re problem solvers

In addition, to become a part of our crew individuals must undergo background checks and a thorough screening process. Staff and managers alike are well trained to deal with any situation that might arise.


Some vehicle removal services and automobile scrap yards have given the industry a bad name, pressuring people to make decisions and take a deal that doesn’t work in their best interests. Our staff has been trained to deliver the exact opposite of that. While a great deal of our initial communication can be done on the phone and online, with photos of the vehicle/s and lot letting us know what to expect, we are more than happy to come down and inspect the property, automobiles, and provide an estimate without making you feel as if you’ve already committed. Again, we’re here to make things convenient for you, not the other way around.

Call us when you need us. It’s that simple!


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